Our Story

[K&K] Luxury Food Co. sprouted during a warm day of June 2014 as a food & beverage company. Aiming to produce all natural and healthy ingredients for everyday meals, this brand quickly became a favorite for the healthy food lovers. In Spring 2015, [K&K] LFCo launched its “Luxury Line” collection of Fleur de Sel. All products are naturally processed and flavored with wonderful and extraordinary combinations of wholesome, raw ingredients. All of the products have since become part of thousands’ of houses daily cuisine. Not only that but you can find the company’s products used in plates conceived, prepared and served in world renown chef’s cuisines, showing that luxury and wholesomeness can and should be readily available in every cuisine in the world.

Our Work

We create high quality and tasteful food ingredients, unrefined, ready to enhance your everyday plates and give that little “extra” touch to your special dishes and complement all of your cooking ideas. We aim to provide all natural ingredients that will be able to promote a healthier way of life. We are demanding, so we make sure our products and even their packaging successfully pass any and all lab examinations, so as to ensure total food safety to all of our clients. All of our products are farmed and harvested locally, so as to support the local economy. The farming and harvesting methods are environmentally and eco-friendly, making sure that the natural habitats are preserved and able to give top quality products to the future generations as well.


[K&K] LFC is a newly founded yet quickly and vastly growing company, which was established in the beginnings of 2014 in a small Greek city called Alexandria. Based on the founder’s passion and love for exceptional tastes and all natural ingredients, the company aims to offer healthy food ingredients of top quality and high nutritional value. The wide variety offered aims to cater to your every need, giving you the means to produce exceptional plates that will please even the most demanding audience. All of the ingredients are carefully selected and often handpicked so that their quality is guaranteed and their nutritional value preserved when it reaches your hands. The company strongly believes in the right of its customers knowing exactly where their favorite ingredients come from and how they end up in their cuisine and on their everyday tables. Transparency, after all, is a key point to building trust, a trust that’s as valuable as gold.

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Our Company provides wholesome tasteful ingredients that people love to add in their daily dishes. Our key benefits are high-quality products at competitive prices. Our goal is to help people get great food ingredients. We don’t make fast food, we make fine food ingredients.

K&K Luxury Food Company 

Eleuthriou Venizelou 30, Alexandreia pc:59300, Greece

Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 08:00 – 20:00 | Saturday 08:00 – 12:00

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