When you visit the website and e-shop of K&K Luxury Food Co, you may be asked to state your personal details (name, surname, address, email, etc.). The record with the personal details of the users is kept and processed by the K&K Luxury Food Co so that your orders can be carried out and contracts can be concluded through the e-shop for the provision of the products of K&K Luxury Food Co. Consequently, businesses which collaborate with K&K Luxury Food Co, such as couriers, money transfer services (such as PayPal), financial institutions, etc., may be recipients of details of this record, too, for the promotion, support, and service of transactions.

When you place an order you consent to the use of your personal data, exclusively for this purpose, both by the K&K Luxury Food Co and by the collaborating with it companies.

K&K Luxury Food Co will handle all the given personal data, as part of the procedure of ordering, safely and according to local and international laws for the protection of the individuals and the processing of personal data.

Note that K&K Luxury Food Co does not keep any details of users’ credit cards. The payments by credit card are made through the bank and are absolutely safe.

For any quarry, suggestion or statement relevant to the above issues, please, contact us through the electronic address of K&K Luxury Food Co.



K&K Luxury Food Co does not uncover the personal details of its customers or details about their transactions, unless it has your written authorization or unless this is imposed by court order or by order of some other public authority.



You certify that the personal data you insert upon your registration and the creation of an account in K&K Luxury Food Co website and e-shop is true, accurate, valid and thorough. You also certify that the email you insert is true and under your full and exclusive control. K&K Luxury Food Co is not responsible for any damage the user might suffer from the access of third parties to their e-mail account.

The codes used for your identification are strictly personal for each user and they must not become known to third parties. You are the only one responsible for anything done with them and you are obliged to immediately notify K&K Luxury Food Co for any unauthorized use. Such details do not become known to third parties through K&K Luxury Food Co. K&K Luxury Food Co is not responsible for any damage the users may suffer from the arbitrary or illegal use of their codes from third parties.


The K&K Luxury Food Co website and e-shop address retail customers and it accepts orders from within Greece as well as international orders. If you have a company and you wish to obtain our products wholesale, please contact us at our e-mail address:



The K&K Luxury Food Co website and e-shop cannot guarantee the availability of the products, but it guarantees that the customers will be promptly informed about that. If a product you have ordered is not available, K&K Luxury Food Co will come in touch with you either by e-mail or by phone to inform you about the possible delivery time. If you are not satisfied with the delivery time, you can cancel the order regarding this product, while the rest of the order will be properly carried out.

If for any reason, including that of force majeure, the execution or the delivery of your order is problematic, K&K Luxury Food Co will immediately contact you by e-mail or by phone.



The prices which appear on the website and e-shop are the final ones (VAT is included). The K&K Luxury Food Co website and e-shop reserves the right to change the prices at any time without previous notification. However, the change of prices does not affect orders that have already been made.



You cannot make any changes if the order has already been dispatched. If you wish to make a certain change, for example, add or remove certain products to your order, you must first send an inquiry either to or call us, so as to confirm the status of your order.



You can cancel an order without being charged in the following cases:

  • Before the order is completed, during the online process, you can remove products from your shopping cart by clicking on the “X” icon.
  • If the online order has been completed but the products have not yet been sent, you can contact K&K Luxury Food Co by phone and/or email (, during the working days and hours and one of our employees will proceed to cancel your order.
  • After the products have been sent, you cannot cancel your order.



It is our aim to provide you with excellent service, so don’t hesitate to contact us for any and all inquiries.

On line:

Through the contact form on or by email: and/or

By phone:

(+30) 697 8234 681, during the working days and hours.

Korakakis Georgios K&K Luxury Food Co | Eleutheriou Venizelou 30, Alexandreia Hmathias, Greece, Postal code 59300.