Mario Berta Battiloro Edible Gold Foil 24K

Since ancient times, once gold underwent specific processing and treatments, its great versatility would make it particularly suitable even for decorating food and drink during very important occasions.

Its modern elaboration on the part of MBB foresees the exclusive use of 24 Kt (i.e. 100% pure gold) raw material and respect for strict production guidelines, allowing the end product to obtain an edible food decoration certification. Such purity guarantees top level quality standards and permits chefs, patisserie masters, wine experts, and barmen to obtain an unmatched and exciting aesthetic result.

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24k edible gold flakes Ε175

Shelf Life

2 years

Foil Quantity & Dimension

10F – 4x4cm, 10F – 6.5×6.5cm, 10F – 8x8cm